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Rottman, Kingston & Neuvirth, P.C. is committed to your success. We make it our business to know your business well enough to improve your tax position, capital position, business structure and benefits packages, acquisition potential, and much more. We earn our fees by adding value to your company and to your asset base. We have learned a great deal since we began in this business, and we are ready to apply this knowledge to enhance your company's growth and success. Together we can conquer all of the intricacies of doing business in today's fast-paced economy. We are looking forward to working with you.

Morris Rottman, CPA
Keith A. Kingston, CPA
Dennis Neuvirth, CPA
Howard Rudin, EA
Scott Johnson, CPA

Carol Dawes, CPA

Marcy Rowe, CPA
Staff Accountant

Suzanne High, CPA
Staff Accountant

Ana Buia, CPA
Staff Accountant

Maria Loud
Staff Accountant
Michelle Cipa
Staff Accountant

Carol Strauss
Office Manager

Felicia Gull
Payroll Department
Alicia Stewart

Rottman, Kingston & Neuvirth, P.C.