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I became a fan of the Professional Bowlers Tour when I was 8 years old.  The very first show I saw was in 1974 when Jim Stefanich shot his 300 game, and I was hooked ever since.  Since that time, my life on Saturday afternoons at 3:30 revolved around the Pro Bowlers Tour on ABC.  As a kid growing up, when bowling was still in its heyday, I would bowl in my youth league on Saturday morning, come home for lunch, and then sit around waiting anxiously for 3:30.  By 3pm, the anticipation was so great, I couldn't take it anymore.  My father and I would watch together.  After the TV show, I would go down into the basement, where I had a plastic set of pins, and a do it yourself bowling lane (made by masking tape on the floor), I would bowl for hours on end.  As I got older, into my middle school year, high school, and finally college, I always felt the same excitement as when I was 8 years old waiting for the pro bowlers tour.  In my college years, of course being busy with academics, and other commitments, it was much more difficult to watch the shows live.  I bought my first VCR in 1986, and used to tape the shows.  Most of the weeks I would record over with the next week's shows, but then somewhere along the line, I started saving the shows.  I haven't really watched any of them in a long time, but they've been safe and sound in storage all these years.  It was last year when I saw that somebody posted a video clip of some bowling footage where I got the idea that I could do the same with what I have.  I also thought that I could easily share my video clips with others by creating a web page dedicated to fans of the PBT to help reminisce about a time we can all identify with, when bowling was king and 3:30pm on Saturday afternoons was the place to be.  As time marches on, things change, and so in 1997 ABC ended its run covering the Pro Bowlers Tour.  I was sad to see the PBT go off the air as I felt something that was a part of me for so long would no longer be there.  CBS, and now ESPN have aired the events, but I think anybody who grew up watching bowling in the 60s, 70s and 80s probably feels today's productions are just not the same.  In fact, as dedicated a viewer as I once was, sadly, I hardly ever watch the telecasts anymore, unless there's a particular bowler that I'm interested in that's on.  The following links contain information about each event, and another link as to where you can view the video clip.  I'm always adding new clips, so please keep on coming back for further updates.  

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I hope you enjoy all the clips, if you have any problems viewing them, please let me know:

1984 World Open - Mark Roth vs. Bob Learn Jr.

1990 Fairlanes Open - Danny Wiseman vs. Don Moser

1987 US Open - Del Ballard Jr. vs. Pete Weber

1978 Quaker State Open - Entire Show

1992 Johnny Petraglia Open - Dave Ferraro vs. Joe Salvemini

1984 Greater Detroit Open - Mark Roth vs. Pete Weber

1995 US Open - David Husted vs. Paul Koehler

1995 US Open - Paul Koehler vs. Steve Hoskins

2008 Tournament of Champions - Michael Haugen Jr. vs. Chris Barnes

1985 Quaker State - Mike Durbin vs. Walter Ray Williams, Jr.

1985 Quaker State - Mike Durbin vs. Mike Edwards

1981 Cleveland Open - Mal Acosta vs. Marshall Holman

1984 Quaker State Open - Hugh Miller vs. Joe Berardi

1980 Quaker State Open - Del Ballard Jr. vs. Bob Handley

1980 Quaker State Open - Hugh Miller vs. Tommy Kress

1970 Cougar Open - Mike McGrath vs. Dave Davis

1973 BPAA US Open - Entire Show

1980 Long Island Open - Entire Show

1980 ARC Alameda Open - Mark Roth vs. Bill Straub

1986 Hartford Open - Amleto Monacelli vs. Don Genalo

1977 Midas Open - Don Johnson vs. Earl Anthony

1979 Cleveland Open - Joe Hutchinson vs. Butch Soper

1976 Firestone Tournament of Champions - Marshall Holman vs. Billy Hardwick

1986 Firestone Tournament of Champions - Marshall Holman vs. Mark Baker

1980 King Louie Open - Ernie Schlegel vs. Nelson Burton, Jr.

1980 Long Island Open - Earl Anthony vs. Mark Roth

1983 Firestone - Joe Berardi vs. Henry Gonzalez

1991 U.S. Open - Pete Weber vs. Mark Thayer

1979 Rolaids Open - Mark Roth vs. Marshall Holman

1982 Seattle Open - Tommy Hudson vs. Bob Handley

1982 Miller High Life Open - Earl Anthony vs. Jeff Mattingly

1982 Miller High Life Open - Earl Anthony vs. Frank Ellenburg

1985 U.S. Open - Marshall Holman vs. Wayne Webb

1988 Touring Players Championship - Dave Ferraro vs. Walter Ray Williams, Jr.

1984 U.S. Open - Mark Roth vs. Guppy Troup

1991 Firestone Tournament of Champions - The Bomb Scare

1981 Showboat Invitational - Mark Roth vs. Earl Anthony

1992 AC Delco Open - Marc McDowell vs. Marshall Holman

1982 PBA National - Earl Anthony vs. Charlie Tapp

1982 Greater Hartford Open - Pete Weber vs. Pete McCordic

1981 PBA National - Earl Anthony vs. Ernie Schlegel

1974 New Jersey Open - Introduction

1992 Florida Open - Chris Warren vs. Bob Vespi

1981 Firestone Tournament of Champions - Earl Anthony vs. Pete Couture (Match 2)

1997 St. Clair Classic - Walter Ray Williams, Jr. vs. Pete Weber - Final Match on ABC TV

1981 Greater Hartford Open - Tommy Hudson vs. Bob Handley (Match 2)

1981 Firestone Tournament of Champions - Earl Anthony vs. Mark Roth (Match 1)

1982 U.S. Open - David Husted vs. Gil Sliker

1981 Firestone Tournament of Champions - Steve Cook vs. Pete Couture 

Chris Schenkel Tribute - 1997

1986 Budweiser Classic - Dave Ferraro

1986 Long Island Open - Peter Hakim

1995 Splitfire Sparkplug Open - Danny Wiseman

1987 Greater Hartford Open - Bob Hookin' Handley

1982 - Remember When - 1982 Greater Hartford Open

1980 PBA National - Petraglia completes the Triple Crown

1994 Hilton Hotels Classic - Soper shoots 300

1983 True Value Open - Earl Anthony wins #40

1995 Johnny Petraglia Open - John Gant

1984 Angle Open

1977 Brunswick World Open

1991 Fairlanes Open - Del Ballard throws gutter ball to lose match  

2005 Atlanta Classic - WRW, Jr coverts the 4-6-7-10

1996 Flagship Open

1986 King Louie Open

1995 TPC - Pederson Solid 8

Ernie Schlegel Tribute - 1979

1978 Long Island Open - Instant Classic

Alvin Lou 1980 Miller High Life Open

Wayne Webb 1980 Firestone Tournament of Champions

Marshall Holman 1974 New Jersey Open

1967 Miller High Life Open Introduction

1971 Firestone Introduction and Chris Schenkel sound byte

Pro Bowlers Tour Into from '74 - '77

Les Zikes '83 Waukegan Open

Jimmy Keeth '87 Hartford Open  

Mark Roth 7-10 Split Conversion in '80

Dick Weber vs. Earl Anthony '76 AMF Pro Classic

Jack Biondolillo 300 Game at '67 Firestone

Johnny Guenther 300 at '69 San Jose Open

Don Johnson 299 at '70 Firestone

Jim Stefanich's 300 at '74 Oakland-Alameda Open

Don McCune at '74 NJ Open

Charlie Tapp '91 Johnny Petraglia Open

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This page is in memory of my friend, Larry Horn: 1962 - 2006, who achieved bowling perfection on the lanes twice, and my friend and teammate, Andy Rubin who passed away suddenly at the age of 56 on October 11, 2008

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